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3rd Annual Limerick Sale

Posted by Rebekah Timlin Meddles on Sunday, August 1, 2010, In : SALE 
I'm excited!
Today starts 8 days of my 3rd annual Limerick sale!
There's a ton to celebrate (which is the reason for this fun yearly sale)!
Simple Vista Necklace
First - the ancient Irish celebration of Lugnasadh happens right around Aug. 1st.  Lunasa is the anglicized (or modern) version of the gaelic Lugnasadh so it stands to reason that I would celebrate around this time.  :)
Second - My birthday is on August 8th (the reason I named my shop after the Irish celebration of August).
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Rings for Haiti! Benefit Auction!

Posted by Rebekah Timlin Meddles on Friday, February 12, 2010, In : Charity Fundraisers 

Fog Magic - Stacking Ring Trio

I'm sending this set of rings off to my friend Thomasin Durgin for the Rings for Haiti benefit auction... She has worked hard to bring together over 50 talented metalsmiths from all over the world to donate rings for this special auction!
Check out her blog for more info and a sneak peak at the rings going up for auction:

and check out the auction itself:

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